I've redesigned the website (again) and rewritten the template engine (again). Now that the template engine encompasses the whole subdomain, it'll be easier to generate consistent content. HTML is generated exclusively through Python, which allows a ton of flexibility; it runs Sass for stylesheets and uses Markdown for content, which I can attach metadata to in the head of the .md file. For example, this blog article content is written in Markdown with this meta-header:

type: article
identifier: website-rewrite-project-roadmap
title: Website rewrite / project roadmap
description: Finally, a decent and (hopefully) low-maintenance website.
datestring: 2023-01-14
banner_image: /static/images/river2.jpg
    Source: https://git.joshstock.in/joshstock.in
    resty-gitweb: https://git.joshstock.in/resty-gitweb

I can also write HTML in the Markdown, which lets me nicely embed media in figures, as seen below.

I'll do a better writeup on the template engine in the Projects section someday.


river.mp4: Kankakee River State Park. Example embedded media.

There are still a few things I need to fix or add to the site—in particular:

  • Update resty-gitweb so I can use this site's generated headers as templates on the Git subdomain, for seamless cross-subdomain appearance
  • Populate the blog and projects pages!

On populating the blog, here is a list of planned articles:

  • Patching Python's regex AST for confusable homoglyphs
  • Recovering a Linux desktop with a misconfigured shell
  • Upgrading an end-of-life (EOL) Ubuntu version using apt
  • Building nginx With OpenResty
  • Installing and Configuring resty-gitweb for Production
  • Using ESP32 to Read PWM or PPM Data
  • Automating AutoCAD environment setup with AutoLISP

And on populating the projects page:

  • espy — a remote controlled snow plow
  • s3-bsync — asynchronous bidirectional file syncing with AWS S3
  • co2-monitor — ESP32-based carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring and analytics IoT platform
  • resty-gitweb — an HTTP interface for Git built with OpenResty
  • ncurses-minesweeper — terminal emulator minesweeper clone
  • joshstock.in — this website
  • zydeco — planned future OpenGL project; breaking into graphics programming, procedural generation, geology and climate simulation, mesh optimization
  • UIUC SE101B — reverse engineering and design project for SE101 @ UIUC Grainger
  • RCHS STEM — port old ePortfolio and pictures

Here's the full Kanboard project for this website:

As much as I want to work on these projects, I am a full-time engineering student interning during summers and, while I try my best, I can't commit any regular amount of time to writing or working on these projects.

Article hyperlink: https://joshstock.in/blog/website-rewrite-project-roadmap


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