Hello! I'm Josh Stockin, a student majoring in Systems Engineering and minoring in Computer Science at UIUC Grainger. I'm a massive nerd and have spent roughly the past decade engaging in software and embedded systems engineering hobby work, having begun with game development and 3D animation stuffs on the Roblox platform sometime around 2012. When I'm not studying or working, I'll be reading or doing hobby projects. I try to work on hobby projects as much as I can, but I'm a full-time student and struggle to find time.

Through prior hobby projects, I have practical and applicable experience in programming and design for robotics and embedded systems, general user applications, tool/utility applications, web development, and more, with programming languages including C/C++, Python, and Lua. I've taken several CTE courses on woodworking, AutoCAD and Fusion 360 drafting, and 3D printing.

Closeup shot of the removable electronics board controlling the snow plow.

I graduated from Reed-Custer High School in May 2022. At RCHS, I earned the Illinois State Scholar award and became a finalist for the National Merit Scholarship. I volunteered for the RCHS Recycling Club and participated in the Math Team. On the April 2021 SAT, I earned a 790 in math and 730 in EBRW (for a composite 1520). During high school, I took several courses at Joliet Junior College part-time and for dual credit. In fall 2022 I entered my first semester at UIUC with 47 transferred credit hours. I recently completed a firmware engineering internship at Milwaukee Electric Tool for the summer of 2023 and have accepted an offer for another in 2024.

Snow plow parked in driveway sometime around early 2021.

As of 12/2023, current WIP personal projects include:

I'll try over the next few months to populate the Blog and Projects pages with information on these. Progress on each is very sporadic because I'm a full-time student and worker. If I'm not working on these I'm probably reading something. I finally got a copy of K&R 😃

Oh, and I'm also a survivor of severe scoliosis.

Thanks for reading! You can best contact me via email at josh@joshstock.in. I usually reply within a day or two.